Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Ebb Filters

How long does a reusable Ebb Filter last?

About 90-120 uses. That's 3 to 4 months for daily drinkers. Head over to How to use Ebb Reusable Filters guide for all the details.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes! At the end of each use, pull filter from dripper once it’s cool enough to touch. Shake grounds into compost or trash and rinse well. Do not use soap. The rule is, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t clean your filter with it.

How should Ebb be stored?

The best way to store Ebb is to let it air dry. We used to recommend storing Ebb in water and keeping it refrigerated between uses, but this is no longer the case. We changed the design of our fabric, which allows Ebb a longer lifespan, easier storage, while still brewing a delicious cup.

How do Ebb filters compare to paper?

They work just like paper filters, except that you won't get that paper taste and it doesn't get thrown away with each use. Like all things non-single-use, Ebb filters change with time. They will pour more quickly when they are new, hit a sweet spot at middle-age, and begin to pour more slowly toward the end of their lifecycle. At that point, compost and replace. If you need a hand getting your brew right, check out our Ebb guides.

How do I keep my reusable filter from slowing down before 100 uses?

Grinding coffee too finely clogs cloth filters. Aim for a coffee grind coarseness similar to kosher salt. See our Coffee Grind Guide for details.

If that does happen, what can I do to revive my filter?

To revive your Ebb Filter, hang it up to dry. Let it dry completely until it feels as crisp as linen off of a clothesline. Then do your best to break up those stiff fibers by shaking and wrinkling the filter fabric. Imagine that coffee solids too small for the eye to see have build up in the fabric and you are shaking it out! Check out the video we posted to Instagram about this.

Does Ebb reduce waste?

This is a tricky one to answer because it isn’t about reducing post-consumer (post-you) waste. It’s industry, not individuals, who are most responsible for the largest negative environmental and labor impacts. That’s why we pay so much attention to everything that happens pre-you, like manufacturing our own fabric with fiber from organic farms we know and trust, and working with local sewing factories.

Instead of reducing “waste,” we think of it in terms of reducing impact–extraction of resources, pollution of waterways, and exploitation of workers.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all about reducing waste, especially through extending the life of your filters and investing in ethically-made goods that will last a long time. But, we find this reframe is helpful since paper filters are compostable, but often lack transparency in manufacturing.

How do subscriptions work?

Choose the frequency that works best for you–60, 90, or 120 days. Keep in mind whether you're a once a week, once a day, or a many cups a day kind of brewer and that ebb lasts approximately 100 uses. You'll be charged when each filter ships–$1 off the regular filter price, shipping, and tax (if you're in California, where we're based). You'll create an account and be able to make changes to your subscription anytime. You can always contact us if you need any help.

How soon will my order arrive?

We ship twice per week. It usually takes about 3 days between the time your order is placed to the day we ship. We ship via USPS. Domestic orders typically arrive in 1-3 days from ship date. See Shipping for details. Please note, there may be additional delays due to COVID-19.

Is ebb available for wholesale?

Yes! Contact us if you're interested in offering Ebb at your coffee shop, specialty foods store or home goods boutique.


Aprons & Things

Can I get chainstitch embroidery on an item other than the Good Apron?

Not yet! Sign up for email updates to find out when embroidery becomes available on more products.

Can I get chainstitch embroidery on a large order such as aprons for my business or event?

Yes! We even offer a variety of thread color options to match your brand colors. Email us for details.

How do I care for my upcycled denim pieces?

Machine wash cold with like colors. Air dry as much as possible. Heat and agitation/abrasion drastically deteriorates the quality of fibers. We recommend minimal heat and agitation for all textiles. Contact us for repairs.

How much does the upcycled denim shrink?

The shrinkage on the denim is fairly typical to that of normal cotton denim.

When will my order arrive?

We ship twice per week so it usually takes 1-3 days between the time your order is placed to the day we ship. We ship via USPS. Domestic orders typically arrive in 1-3 days from ship date. See Shipping for details.

I have a different question!

No worries! Contact us at or DM us @gdsclothgoods. We’ll do our best to get in touch as quickly as possible.