Grow your impact with sustainable textiles

Hi, I'm Geana and I love to help businesses align with their sustainability dreams. My goal is to change how products are made and that starts with ditching the competitive nature of the industry and looking towards collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.

Going from conventionally grown to ethically-made textiles doesn't have to be scary or break the bank. With over a decade of experience in the textile industry, manufacturing textiles, and running an ethical business, I can simplify the path for you so that you can be confident as you make decisions and market your goods.


There are two ways I can help you do that:

1. Textile sourcing and manufacturing.
We specialize in mid-weight organic cotton canvas and twill.

2. Consults to get you in the right headspace to lead a sustainable business.
I can help you overcome obstacles so that you can have the badass, values-aligned business you dream of!


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