What Ebb Reusable Coffee Filter Subscription Should You Sign Up For?

By Geana Sieburger |

Can easy choices be difficult? Yes! Choices are the crux of any task in life. That's why we created this guide for you. Think of it as a Sunday paper horoscope reading–go with what applies mostly. We know not everyone will land neatly in one of these 3 (sort of 4) coffee-drinker-categories. But it is a helpful start towards answering the big question–what subscription level is right for me? Here goes!


The Infrequent Brewer

You brew coffee on weekends and maybe drink tea the other days of the week. You love the smell of coffee and the ritual of it. You don't like to rush through a brew, keeping coffee as your special treat. 

If this sounds like you, brewing only a few days a week will allow you to use the filter a lot longer. Order the 120 day subscription.


The Strictly Once Daily Brewer

You brew daily without a miss, but you never make a second cup. You know how much caffeine your body needs and you know exactly how much is too much. The passion for coffee runs deep, but you also have solid boundaries.

Are you a Strictly Once Daily Brewer? Get the 90 day subscription.


The Beyond Daily & Precision Brewers

You either brew multiple cups per day or you are very particular about your method. You might brew a full pitcher at once and be pretty chill about your process. Or you have all of the equipment–goose-neck kettle, burr grinder, and a digital scale specifically for weighing coffee–for a very developed palate. Either way, you appreciate that these reusable cloth filters produce high quality coffee no matter how you enjoy it.

Get the 60 day subscription if this sound like you!


What professionals and customers are saying about Ebb:

"Usually, cloth filters are gross—they're off putting, hard to maintain, and sort of fussy. But the Ebb filter is incredibly simple. I take it with me when I travel, and it's made brewing on the road really straightforward. It's also beautifully stitched and I love sharing the craft of home coffee brewing with my travel buddies and the wonderfully crafted tools that make coffee brewing alluring." - Ashley Rodriguez, Boss Barista Podcast

"Ebb Filters are quite possibly the most luxurious filter medium for brewing. These filters have the potential to truly elevate a coffee." - Ben Brewer, Director or Quality Control, Blue Bottle 

"Seriously I am beyond thrilled to have discovered you! I found myself very distraught after recently reading the in-depth report in the NYT into GOTS 'organic' cotton and their fraudulent organic claims. I have been using what was advertised as organic cotton filters from another company. I'm your new biggest fan and will tell everyone in my coffee circle about you." - Ben G., customer


Subscriptions launch May 3rd. Sign up for a chance to win a 1-year subscription.