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GDS Cloth Goods studio with organic cotton fabric sourced from US farms


We make reusable cloth goods designed for daily rituals. 

With 100% transparent sourcing and ethical manufacturing, the people whose hands make our products are just as important to us as the people who end up using them. When made and used intentionally, we believe that objects have the power to transform. Reusable and sustainable life goods remind us to slow down and reconnect – to ourselves, to nature, and to each other. 

With GDS, we hope to create meaning in people’s lives through thoughtful products and community care, at every step in the chain of production. 


As a 1% for the Planet member, we redistribute 1% of sales to support organizations that protect civil rights, empower marginalized groups, and protect the environment. With every purchase, we as a community are supporting organizations that are invested in changing the world for the better.

Prior to being a 1% for the Planet member, GDS has been redistributing through its own initiative since 2020. In the past we’ve redistributed to Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity, The Or Foundation's Secondhand Solidarity Fund, Sogorea Te' Land Trust, Communities for a Better Environment, the Garment Worker Center, A New Way of Life Reentry Project, ANV Youth Urban Farm Project, The National Black Farmers Association, and RAICES

Geana Sieburger GDS Cloth goods founder in her studio


Inspired by the resourcefulness and creativity that I was surrounded by in my childhood in Brazil and a grandmother who was one of the most sought-after seamstresses in the town where I grew up, I followed in my grandmother’s footsteps by starting GDS in 2015. Growing up in Brazil deeply influenced my work, a place where in the 80’s, bakeries could be found every few blocks and skilled seamstresses still sewed a good portion of people’s everyday wardrobes. Community was the connection between everything, especially food, coffee, and fashion.

With social and environmental justice in mind, my dream is for GDS to be a positive force in the world that generates community and intentional participation in consumerism. Through products that remind us to slow down, I hope that you, our customer and partner on this journey, will become more connected to the impact that the everyday products in our lives make on our direct neighbors as well as on people around the world.

Geana Sieburger
founder & product designer

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