• Upcycle Your Ebb Filter Packaging The Way The Postcard Machine Would

    No need to recycle that packaging so fast. Get more use out of it before it becomes pulp. The Postcard Machine, a.k.a. Michelle Ott, created this 4-step tutorial on turning your beautiful but now not-so-useful Ebb Filter packaging into art that you can mail to your loved ones.

    Step 1: download and print the PDF Michelle created for us. Let’s get started!

  • Meet Sam, The Person Responsible For The Golden Threads On Your New Apron

    Hey friends! It’s been a minute since I shared an interview here. I’m so excited to share this one with you because it’s with a collaborator on a future project. Samantha Saavedra is a chainstitch embroidery artist and we are so excited to be partnering to make your apron, your work, and your quarantine life more fun and enjoyable. Here goes! I hope you get as much from this deep dive as I did.