Tomorrow morning, add this visioning exercise to your coffee ritual

By Geana Sieburger |

After spending the last few weeks visioning and planning, I am so excited about 2021. Yes, even with all of the uncertainty, I’m still excited about what I know will likely happen for me and GDS this year.

Why is that? It's because I set some really awesome goals for myself both in business and in my personal life.

To be honest with you, I use to not dream big or set goals. As an immigrant and a child of overworked immigrants, my parents did not have the bandwidth to teach me these skills. I've had to learn them later in life. That’s why I want to share a visioning exercise with you–because it's never to late to dream, vision, and plan fearlessly.

So, what is visioning? And why is now a good time to try it out (even if you have before)? 

According to ZingTrain, a thought leader in visioning for businesses, "a vision is a picture of the success of a project at a particular time in the future. A vision is the actual destination. It’s a vivid description of what “success” looks and feels like for us."

Visioning helps us get to the heart of what we really want. Especially now, visioning can be so helpful to bring clarity to the changes we're already feeling we want. 

So get a pen and paper, brew yourself a good cup of coffee, and head over to The Power of Visioning article by ZingTrain. Get ready for some deep focused time, but that doesn't mean it's goin to take all day. This should only take 30 minutes. 

Get Started on your Visioning!

All photos by Rosey Lakos