New Hand-Painted Crossbody Sling Bags

By Geana Sieburger |

By now you know. We've been dreaming, planning, secretly creating something new. We've said goodbye to upcycled denim (there are still a handful of goods on sale) and are fully embracing our own organic cotton supply chain only that embrace comes with something truly new from GDS–surface design! The first of a number of products to come is the Crossbody Sling Bag in three "prints." I use quotes because they aren't exactly prints. Two of them are hand-painted and one is hand-stamped.

Crossbody Sling Bags are available to order now!

About the designers

Ellen Duda created Fruit Salad. Ellen and I met when I moved into my current studio in West Oakland. We bonded through her pregnancy with twins and while she got mentally ready for a cross-country move post babies arrival. Though she got her start in children's publishing and is an experienced book designer, she's also a versatile illustrator. She's designed several things for GDS that I am extremely in love with and proud of. For Fruit Salad, she designed and hand-carved stamps to create the design.

Leah Tumerman created Touching. She's a dear friend whose art decorates the walls of our home. She's a painter, illustrator, and offers a variety of mural services from consulting to project management to installation. She's a boss! I love how well her work translates from her paintings on canvas into a textile design. A snippet from a description of Leah's work that I found very descriptive of Touching, "figures exist on the same plane; they can be found in physical communion, communicating with secret languages. Often it is unclear where one form starts and others begin and this is belonging." What is there not to love about that? This is how we hope you feel when touched by Leah's work on this sling bag.

Woven in color Night is painted by me. I love a good windowpane design. It's both fun and simple. And true to the structure of the fabric that it's painted onto, a plain weave canvas, it is balanced and easy to wear over any outfit.

How presale will work

Goods will be made available for one to two months. All orders will be produced and shipped at the end of that period. New goods will be released on a rolling basis. Specific ship dates are shown on each product page. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know! We're trying this for the first time and your feedback will be appreciated in improving the process as we go.


Leah and Ellen each produced one yard of their designs, which means that these designs are nearly one of a kind and will likely sell quickly. 

I'll be hand-painting Woven in color Night for one month and/or as long as it's sustainable. Again, I'm trying something new so we may need to revise the plan if we receive more orders than I can manage. 

What else you should know

Preorder yours before the preorder window comes to an end. Styles will be going quickly.

We are all beyond excited to be sharing the Crossbody Sling Bags with you!

Pre-order now!