How to never run out of Ebb Filters and save money in the long run

By Geana Sieburger |

Last year I bounced around the idea of selling Ebb Filter 3 packs. It was a bit of a frenzied, unplanned idea that in the end did not come to fruition. The goal was to make it easier for you to NOT run out of Ebb filters while also reducing the amount of shipping and packaging involved.

Nearly a year later, I'm bringing that idea back. It's a little different than originally planned but I'm super excited about it! Drum roll please...

Ebb Filter Price Breaks are here! It's now more affordable than ever to stock up on Ebb filters! Order 3 of the same filter for $1 off each one. Order 5 or more and get $2 off each filter. Right now, price breaks are only possible on 3 or more of the same style filter. But, look out for price breaks on different filters in the near future.

So what's different from the original plan? The main thing is that each filter will be individually packaged. I haven't given up on the idea of offering multi packs. For logistical and cost reasons (and because we know a lot of you buy them as gifts), price breaks was the answer.

Enough talk? Cool! We're ready to help you stock up with price breaks!