Iced Japanese Pour Over Coffee

There's nothing like an iced pour over on a hot summer day. It's refreshing, delicious, and easy to brew!

Worth noting for those who generally eyeball their brews – you may want to break out a scale for this one since this recipe is a tad different from the usual. And since ice can be quite tricky to measure with a tablespoon. :)

Ground coffee: 22g to the coarseness of kosher salt
Total water: 205 grams
Ice: approx. 187 grams
Brew time: 2:45

1. Preheat filter with hot water. Dump out water.
2. Add ice to container.
3. Add coffee and pour 20-25 grams of water, fully wetting grounds.
4. At 0:30 sec, pour to 125 grams using a circular motion.
5. At 0:50, pour to 205 grams.
Note that if you are using a brand new Ebb filter, your brew time will be shorter than normal. To help with this, pour slowly and almost continuously. If you are using a well broken-in Ebb filter, happy brewing! This recipe will work perfectly for you without further adjustments.

This recipe came to us via Craftsman Coffee in Pacifica, CA.