A Brew Recipe For Two

Make a pot-full or enough to share (without feeling stingy). Brewing large amounts of coffee at once can compromise the taste of your coffee. It's easy to over-extract and turn what could be a great brew into a pitcher of bitterness. This recipe, like all of our recipes, was developed by a coffee professional making her way through the specialty coffee world.

Enjoy a balanced multi-cup brew!

1. Bring water to a boil and grind 45 grams (≈5 3/4 tbsp) of coffee to the coarseness of table salt.

2. First pour, bloom pour, is approximately 60g of water, just enough water to fully saturate grounds.

3. Wait 50 seconds. Wait closer to 60 seconds when your filter is new.

4. At 50-60 seconds, pour until the total water volume is 250g (about 1/3 of your container’s volume). We recommend pouring in concentric circles, beginning and ending in the center with each pour.

5. Once the 2nd pour has almost completely dripped through, pour until 450g (about another 1/3 of your cup’s volume).

6. Once the 3rd pour has almost completely dripped through, pour until 650g (about the last 1/3).

7. Let it drip out and serve. Your final cup should be about 650 grams or 2 3/4 cup. Enjoy!

Your brew times will vary depending on lifecycle stage, but should generally be under 6 minutes for a 2 cup recipe. Adjust recipe to taste.