Work with us! We're hiring!

By Geana Sieburger |

Studio Manager & Assistant to Owner

This position touches nearly all areas of the business so we are looking for a responsible individual who wants to make a difference. The Studio Manager works directly with the owner of the company.

 Why would you want to work for GDS?

GDS makes sustainable and reusable cloth goods designed for daily rituals with 100% transparent sourcing and ethical manufacturing. We are part of every step of manufacturing so our promise goes well beyond an organic fabric certification.

We’re big believers in community care that includes workers along entire supply chains. With social and environmental justice in mind, our dream is to be a positive force in the world. A big part of that is offering good jobs with paths to wealth creation to people and groups who have historically been underserved. GDS is woman-, Latinx-, and immigrant-owned. In working with us, you become part of our vision of creating the future we want to see. 



What work needs to be done?

Order Fulfillment
  • Checking product for quality

  • Packaging coffee filters

  • Shipping online and wholesale orders

Inventory Management
  • Count inventory monthly - packaging materials, shipping materials, fabric, labels, thread, sewn product and other miscellaneous items
Marketing Support
  • Support in social media content and partnerships 
  • Editing blog posts such as interviews
  • Composing email newsletters
Wholesale Account Management Support
  • Manage wholesale accounts database
  • Manage and update store locator app as needed
Sales Support
  • Assist owner with event set up, break down, and sales

Keep in mind that we are not expecting the Studio Manager to have ALL of these skills and experience coming into the job. Training will be provided in many areas. When considering if this is the right job for you, ask yourself if you can see yourself being good at it and loving it.


Are you a good fit?

We're looking for a team member who:

  • Wants to grow and wants to grow with us
  • Has a strong work ethic
  • Has strong attention to detail
  • Can’t wait to soak up and learn new things
  • Is fed up with systems that exploit the environment and workers
  • Contributes to GDS’ diversity
  • Loves working in small teams

Experience/knowledge in the following areas is a big plus:

  • Specialty coffee 
  • Social and environmental justice movements and work

We strongly encourage people from under-represented groups to apply. We’re committed to nurturing a diverse and safe workplace at GDS.


Job details & Compensation

GDS is located in Oakland. This position starts at 3 days (22.5 hours) per week with the likelihood of becoming full-time within a year. Wage is $22.00 per hour. 

Start date: as soon as possible!


How to Apply



"Working at GDS Cloth Goods was an extremely nurturing and transformative experience for me. At GDS I was given the chance to learn all aspects of the business from day to day activities to pattern construction to production to visiting customers. I always felt like I was valued and thought of. At my time at GDS I was also encouraged to pursue my own projects within the company and felt that my individual interests were greatly nurtured. I’m really grateful for the experience I had at GDS Cloth Goods and truly feel that it was one of the best work environments I’ve been in yet."

- Grace Weir, Studio Intern 2019